Modules talk the talk of your account holders' use cases...

...and the Admin Portal walks the walk.

With Pidgin's Admin Portal, you can manage all of the use cases your account holders use. All the transactions are in one place, along with your reports, transaction archive, and configurations. Pidgin's modules also allow for User Administration in the same place, making Pidgin the one-stop-shop for all your faster payment needs.

Account Holder Modules and Use Cases


For personal account holders to pay anyone they need to.


For commercial account holders to manage cash flow.

Loan Collections

For borrowers to pay as quickly as they can.


For merchants to know they'll get paid.

Administration Portal Flexibility
Most Feasible Routing

Configure the route that is most feasible for your operations.

Payment Archive

Search historical payments in one, easy-to-use interface.

User Management

Manage all users across all Pidgin front ends.

Security Features

Keep unwanted users from gaining access to Pidgin.