One platform for smarter, faster payments.

One platform for

Real Time
Real Time
Real Time
Real Time
Pidgin is mapping the route.

Pidgin is a faster payments platform with a uniquely powerful administration portal, user-centric front-end applications, and developer-friendly APIs.

Pidgin translates the language of faster payments for everyone to achieve a best-in-class experience. Whether it's your core, favorite technology partners, or the payment rails you use, we're mapping the route to your payments strategy.

The choices are all yours.

Pidgin is Federal Reserve's FedNowSM ready and The Clearing House's RTP® capable, which means you can decide how the payment flows, even as new rails or payment types become available.

Do you want only to receive payments to start? Not a problem; you can set that with one click.

Person trying to decide how to make their payment, either Pidgin, FedNow, or RTP.

Pidgin is a universal language.

Pidgin handles talking to and sharing all the data with:

a) your core.
b) your favorite third-party apps.
c) your staff.
d) your account holders.
e) the payments networks.
f) anyone else that needs access.

and nobody who doesn't.

Pidgin speaks all languages.

All your data, reporting for duty.

Our comprehensive reporting module and dashboards make handling your data a breeze. Settlement reports? Check. User activity reports? Check. Audit logs? Check.

If you have a business intelligence tool you love, you can plug Pidgin right in.

Animated team reviewing data in Pidgin.

It's beauty, and it's grace; it's Pidgin's interface.

Pidgin is built on the latest web technologies and is hosted securely in the cloud. This means that, regardless of the use case, Pidgin is designed to grow as you need it to.

Our robust back-end pairs with our beautiful front-end to deliver an unparalleled experience for your staff and account holders.

Person admiring beautiful flower with Pidgin logo.
Modules talk the talk of your account holders' use cases...

...and the Admin Portal walks the walk.

With Pidgin's Admin Portal, you can manage all of the use cases your account holders use. All the transactions are in one place, along with your reports, transaction archive, and configurations. Pidgin's modules also allow for User Administration in the same place, making Pidgin the one-stop-shop for all your faster payment needs.

Pidgin screenshots on an mobile phone.
Account Holder Modules and Use Cases

For personal account holders to pay anyone they need to.


For commercial account holders to manage cash flow.

Loan Collections

For borrowers to pay as quickly as they can.


For merchants to know they'll get paid.

Administration Portal Flexibility
Most Feasible Routing

Configure the route that is most feasible for your operations.

Payment Archive

Search historical payments in one, easy-to-use interface.

User Management

Manage all users across all Pidgin front ends.

Security Features

Keep unwanted users from gaining access to Pidgin.

Pidgin's admin portal on a desktop

Pick 3 of 3, no compromises.

With Pidgin, Good and Fast can be Affordable.


We have a team of experts on staff to make your deployment and usage the best experience.


We are easy to deploy, with a strong focus on streamlining core integration and optimizing your speed-to-proficiency.


We are priced to make adoption feasible and long-term ownership possible to earn your usage.

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