The choices are all yours.

Pidgin is live on Federal Reserve's FedNowSM and The Clearing House's RTP®, which means you can decide how the payment flows, even as new rails or payment types become available.

Do you want only to receive payments to start? Not a problem; you can set that with one click.

Person trying to decide how to make their payment, either Pidgin, FedNow, or RTP.

Pidgin is a universal language.

Pidgin handles talking to and sharing all the data with:

a) your core.
b) your favorite third-party apps.
c) your staff.
d) your account holders.
e) the payments networks.
f) anyone else that needs access.

and nobody who doesn't.

Pidgin speaks all languages.

All your data, reporting for duty.

Our comprehensive reporting module and dashboards make handling your data a breeze. Settlement reports? Check. User activity reports? Check. Audit logs? Check.

If you have a business intelligence tool you love, you can plug Pidgin right in.

Animated team reviewing data in Pidgin.